Its not just Russian trolls. Theres more of them. Chinese trolls. Mainly those types of trolls, but also thousands of other interest-groups (corporations, ideologies, religious extremists etc) Trigger Text

yeah using modern media. Its a War on You. You, dear reader, your mind and
world view is what everyone is fighting for.

A few months back you might have heard of the controversial encounter between a Native American elder and a group of high school students wearing Make America Great Again hats. It went viral, you remember seeing it?

What you might not know is it was first posted on Twitter via a fake-account.

Polarizing video spread to millions via fake Twitter account @2020fight (now suspended)

You heard this story before. Fake news. Foreign botfarms. But the story continues. It’s part of Cold War 2 (or whatever you want to call it). An ideological war between democracy and dictatorship. Where information Warfare is a powerful arsenal. A tool which democracies has very little defense against while China/Russia has very strong information warfare defense (since information in liberal democracies is largely uncontrolled, while its tightly controlled in dictatorships).
Our environment shape us — it tells the stories we tell ourselves, it forms our beliefs on how the world works and set our priorities. With Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads — the factors shaping our narrative are sold to the highest bidder.

Note: this article has a quite negative tone. I believe that is necessary considering the problem this is causing the world.

Anti-Americanism on Reddit, from foreign nations?

Except for the above memes, the story of China’s botfarm-powered-censorship down-voting anything mentioning Tiananmen Square, Huawei or Falun Gong is more worrying.

China’s 312 million Facebook followers

.. when only 3 million in China use Facebook..

Source: Economist 

As of 10th May 2019 the followers-counts are:
CGTN: 78.3m
China Daily: 72.5m
People’s daily: 64.5m
Xinhua: 60.5m
Global Times: 38.2m

Since all these newspaper are state-run by the Communist Party, it makes for the by-far most followed organization, only counting their top 5 pages (of out of thousands) they have total 314 million followers. Considering only 3 million in China use Facebook, this shows their global propaganda efforts.

Facebook don’t admit the large portion of fake-followers. In fact, after the Economist the article outlining the situation of China’s state-media (how could this be missed for so long?!), Facebook looked into the case. According their point of view, less than 0.001% of the followers were fake-accounts. Likely its much higher considering Facebook dont want to admit their problem with fake-followers. However, the real followers are even more worrying.

How could China amass so many real followers? Simple answer, advertising. Facebook Ads.
Ad: Want to profit from Chinese soft power? Invest in Facebook shares here.

State capitalism

Buying 314 million followers on Facebook isn’t cheap — let me tell you that. But for a nation-state, the numbers become relatively small — and offers great return on investment. With an average global spend of ca $1.05 per follower, that would make that China spent around $330 million on soft-power through Facebook. That’s a quite small number for a nation like China whose GDP rose from 2017 to 2018 with $1.2 trillion.

2018: $13.407 trillion
2017: $12.250 trillion
Increase: $1 157 000 million
Est. Facebook ad-spend: $330 million

How much foreign propaganda boost China’s GDP is hard to measure — but as you can see, buying 312 million Facebook followers isn’t very high-risk investment from a nation’s perspective. That’s the power of state capitalism.

If we continue our late-stage capitalism, China will be the winner-takes-all.

How Internet shape our realities

We are our actions. Actions are formed by beliefs, behavior patterns, environment. Our beliefs are formed by how we react to information. Propaganda professionals can efficiently make us react in their desired way.

China, Information war / propaganda. If you can bridge between the topics of meditation and constructing/deconstring perception/realities through constant bombardment of information/belief systems through media.

Individual opinion > shape> Public opinion > Election campaigns > Election results > Presidents + Public opinion = Legislation & Foreign Policy.

In the benefit of China + Russia, not unlikely in late-stage capitalism.

Deconstructing realities

bridge between the topics of meditation and constructing/deconstring perception/realities through constant bombardment of information/belief systems through media.

New information can make us change emotions. Changing emotions makes us possibly aware. Being conscious can make exchange emotions. Essentially more information and intelligence, through digital information assistant, Help us become more conscious and have a better human life.

The bright side: anti-fragility

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger — Nietzsche.

Liberal Democracies hasn’t fucked up that bad, yet. (Excluding Trump, Bolsanaro, Yellow Vests, Myanmar, Philippines and thousand other examples=).

The brighter side: solutions are on their way

Claim validation:

Anti-foreign propaganda: Real Identity

bridge between the topics of meditation and constructing/deconstring perception/realities through constant bombardment of information/belief systems through media,