Reasoning from core values

Consciousness and intelligence go hand in hand. Consciousness and well-being go hand in hand.

Information is power. Our individual belief-system and our societal structures are formed by history. Understanding the world, the place humans have in nature and how nature functions with concepts graspable by the human mind or by human-made tools – we collect information we can apply.

The way we apply information today is largely driven by human nature, our individual belief-system and our societal structures. These three factors are surprisingly under-discovered. The philosophy behind YourTopia is to increase our understanding of these natural forces and come up with applicable actions for interacting with these systems to make them better suit human well-being.

Why we strive for human well-being & survival

Survival of the species homo sapiens is our primary goal. Thereafter improving the well-being of all existing homo sapiens and other conscious beings. We work towards as a human civilization simultaneously, although we do not articulate it.

We want to ensure there’s a human population surviving until the point humans agree there’s a another specie (upgraded humans or a new specie made from human tools) that resources should be allocated to optimize conditions for it to survive & thrive.

Equally inclusive of all beliefs

All humans have some equal rights because else collaboration among humans becomes very dangerous. Concepts that are harmful to human-beings, such as applying damage in order to fulfill wishes after death need to be constrained to ensure safety of humanity. Beliefs about existence, consciousness that no human can or likely ever will be certain of, are welcomed so long they are in line with the focus of creating a prosperous world for conscious beings.

Why we build products

To give back to life is the biggest expression of gratefulness.

The modern struggle is very real.

Improving society with:

  • Decentralization (DLT /blockchain)
  • Bottom-up expressive governance
  • Uplifting AI
  • Increased consciousness & well-being for all conscious beings

Decreasing society’s influence from:

  • Outdated governance (democracy / dictatorship)
  • Negative technology (for-profit companies, dangerous AI, data monopolies/slavery) 
  • Harmful & addictive products (sensational news, addictive social media algorithms)

Our initiative stretches beyond products, to community

Technology has been invented for the benefits of single, or groups of humans – and we need to ensure it continues to give benefits to more and more people. But building products isnt the end goal. The end goal is a community where we can all trust eachother as human beings, not because we trust the technology so we can trust eachother.